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Forward Thinking from Ireland is your one-stop-shop for the news, that leave an impacting on our daily lives. Get in touch with the things that matter to you the most. We’ve taken a Hippocratic oath to collect and disseminate information exactly as it is. You can count on a verbatim record of the latest and greatest from the world of art, culture, and sports. We also provide quite the smattering on the technological advancements that are proactively changing our daily existence. Stay au courant with the twists and turns of all significant events.

How We Came up With the Idea of a News Site

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For people in the know of how the mass media works it’s no surprise the disillusioning trustworthiness of the content circulating the Internet. They care only for churning out bucketloads of engagement-provoking headlines. Not to mention, that in the thick of this space dominated by large corporations there’s no room for pluralism. Therefore, everyone who refuses to pledge allegiance to the media overlords is doomed to a war of attrition they can’t possibly win. We knew that failure to bring innovation to the scene will bring a swift and inglorious ending to our enterprise. That’s why we decided to follow our strong vision of unprecedented transparency and candidness. Sticking to our guns wasn’t easy but we made a go of the little we had by adhering to our own principles

Why We Started

The long and short of it all was, we were fed up with the epidemic of misinforming sites out there fishing for impressions. A few put down to experience years later we decided to create a fully-operational news website. We wanted to present the news in their purest and unspoiled form. We took our first shaky steps back in 2007 when it all started. It wasn’t until we learned to roll with the punches that our website truly came to fruition. We’ll gladly provide you with information on anything under our scope of professional interest
Slowly but surely, we muddled ourselves through into a position of trust. Normally we would never dare to hint at the proportions of which our web media has grown to be. Despite the sobering pessimism, by virtue of socially woke people with progressive thinking, we climbed to the heights of self-supporting journalism. Our determination and thorough investigations lead us to the bottom of even the knottiest of cases, providing our subscribers with on-the-instant updates.

Who We Are and What We Stand for

This website is brought to you by a handful of independent journalists who refused to look the other. way. We’re highly proficient in what we do, having worked for some of the heavyweights in the news industry. Being in the know of journalism for more than 30 years, our combined experience serves a testament to the quality and credibility of our work. Coming from different backgrounds our closely-knit team possesses the expertise to operate on different planes such as sport, culture and even art. Finlay Vincent, a graduate from the Academy of fine arts in Vienna, can properly assess a chef-d’oeuvre based on its merits. Gracie Johnson brings the know-how on sports, while Luca Reynolds is the man to lend himself to the cultural life in Ireland.
The information mediums of today have a ripple effect on the world as we know it today. Because of this huge liability, we’ve foreseen the need to buck up our ideas and follow the moral code to the best of our ability. All three of us have taken up journalism as a secondary specialty with a view of elevating our work.

The Noticeable Irish Influence on Sports

There are quite a few dazzling achievements of Irish sportsmen, that we can’t pass by without mentioning. Bright individuals like McCoy from Moneyglass who became the most accomplished jockey in jump racing, racking in win after win the season 2001-2002 and keeping up to speed throughout his entire career. Another athlete, whom most likely will be awarded distinction in the Guinness World Records book, is O’Driscoll. He’s just a few international appearances shy from besting George Gregan’s record of 139 caps.

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